The Third International Computational Science and Engineering Conference (ICSEC19)

October 21-22, 2019 | Doha, Qatar

Paper Submission


The Third International Computational Science and Engineering Conference (ICSEC19) will gather researchers, experts and stakeholders locally and globally to discuss recent research topics in computational science and its role to tackle the most complex problems locally and globally.

Selected original papers of high quality will be published in a special issue of the Journal of Computational Science. All papers processing and reviewing will be according to the Elsevier Editorial System.

Submissions have been invited on the following themes:

AI, HPC and Data Science
  • Artificial intelligence and its applications in engineering and science
  • Large Scale Computing, parallel and distributed computing, cloud computing,
  • Hardware and software HPC architecture,
  • State-of the art data management and data mining techniques,
  • Big Data Science, data-driven techniques and systems-related
  • 3D scientific visualization techniques.
Computational biology
  • Genome analysis/annotation
  • Sequence analysis
  • Epigenomics and transcriptomics data analysis
  • Comparative genomics
  • Genome variations
  • Genome-wide association study
  • Computational methods in personalized medicine
  • Structural bioinformatics
  • Modeling and simulation of biological networks
  • High-throughput bimolecular analysis
Computational materials science and engineering
  • Different computational techniques at various time and length scales (quantum mechanics, molecular dynamics, Metropolis Monte Carlo simulations, etc.)
  • Different types of materials (soft materials, electronic materials, hybrid materials, etc.)
  • Energy capture and storage
  • Reservoir modeling and simulation
  • Electronic transport calculations
  • Dynamical phenomena applied to energy applications
  • Photovoltaic materials simulations
Young Investigator awards:

3 prizes will be awarded to the best presentation/poster delivered by young investigators and researchers (below the age of 35 years). These awards are sponsored by the  Computational Materials and Processes Center of the Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute at  Hamad Bin Khalifa University:

  • 1st prize 1000 USD/team
  • 2nd prize 500 USD/team
  • 3rd  prize 300 USD/team